5 Exercises for Wheelchair-Bound Seniors

When you think about exercising, what kind of activity comes to mind? For many, it’s the common activities like running or walking, jumping jacks, maybe taking the stairs more often. But for seniors who are wheelchair-bound, staying active isn’t as simple as that since their mobility is often limited.
However, it is still important that they stay active to live healthy and independent lives. Below we’re sharing 5 great exercises for wheelchair-bound seniors to help keep them strong and improve their daily lives.

Shoulder Retractions

As you sit up straight with your ab muscles contracted, hold your arms at should level with your hands faced downward. Then curve your fingers like you’re gripping handles and push your arms out straight in front of you. Try and extend them as far as you can without locking the joints. Now bend your elbows and pull your arms back until they are slightly behind your torso. Then squeeze your shoulder blades together – repeat! 

Chest Squeezes

While keeping your abs engaged and sitting up straight, try holding a medicine ball or balloon at chest level and squeezing it between your hands so that your chest muscles contract (keep squeezing through this entire movement!). Now slowly push the ball forward until your elbows are straight out but not locked. Pull the ball back towards your chest, and repeat!

Toe Taps

Sit straight up and engage your ads while your feet are flatly placed on the floor. Now tilt your toes upwards towards the ceiling, then back down towards the floor. Repeat, easy!

Knee Lifts

While sitting up straight with your abs engaged, keep your feet flat to the ground. Slowly lift one of your legs and bend your knee, lifting as high as you can while staying comfortable. Now lower your foot back to the ground and repeat these motions with your other leg. Keep alternating legs several times over.

Aqua Training

Swimming and aqua training exercises are great ways to better support the body and decrease join discomfort while being physically active. It’s also a fun way to get out of the wheelchair and into the water!
If you need information on physical activity for wheelchair-bound seniors or details about our senior home care programs, please call Home Care Assistance and schedule your consultation!

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