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5 Questions You Need Answered Before Hiring a Memory Care Provider

Recent research has shown that the factors for living a long, healthy life are only ⅓ genetics. In contrast, lifestyle factors determine the other ⅔. With that research in mind, the need for quality home care and memory care assistance is even more crucial than ever before. 

When your parent or loved one requires dementia or memory care, the number of options available can quickly become overwhelming. How do you know you’re making the best choice? 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask prospective dementia or memory care providers:

  1. Are your memory caregivers screened, bonded, and insured? 

It’s essential that the provider you hire does not leave you open to potential losses. A provider that is not bonded and insured can expose you to liability, such as medical costs, if an injury occurs while the caregiver is in your parent’s home. 

     2. What kind of training do your memory caregivers receive? 

When dealing with memory problems such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, a lack of proper training can be more than just unprofessional. It can put the safety of your parent at risk and negatively affect their well-being. 

A caregiver with training in memory care will understand the conditions’ unique challenges. They will also have tools to help your parent keep their mind active and stimulated for long-term brain health. 

     3. How do you match my parent with a dementia caregiver? Will they always see the same person, or do you have rotating staff? 

Especially with memory care patients, a compassionate caregiver isn’t enough. They must also be well-trained and well-matched, so your loved one feels comfortable and safe while in their care.

Be sure that the provider has a process for finding a caregiver that connects well with your parent. A good match will improve their quality of life and provide care for their physical, emotional, and social needs. A poor match or rotating staff can cause them confusion and frustration. 

     4. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? Am I tied into this long-term? 

You want to work with a provider that cares about your needs. A satisfaction guarantee, quality assurance checks, and caregiver evaluations are signs that this is the case. It’s also helpful to look for someone without long-term contracts and commitments, so you aren’t tied in if you no longer need care or it is no longer a good fit.

    5. Are you recognized in the industry as a memory care provider? Do you have any published books or research? 

Look for someone with experience in dementia, Alzheimer’s care or memory care and be sure they have recognition in the industry, so you know you can rely on them for cutting-edge programs and care for your parents.

At Home Care Assistance, we believe that seniors have the right to quality care dementia and memory care services.

Dementia and memory care services improve their lives and help them enjoy more independence as they age – not less!

Our caregivers undergo a rigorous screening process that includes background checks and attendance at our Home Care Assistance University. While there, they learn a range of skills and techniques for being exceptional caregivers in every way, including:

  • healthy nutrition
  • mobility support
  • transportation to appointments and activities
  • one-on-one interaction and stimulation
  • medication monitoring
  • companionship
  • light housekeeping and errands
  • and more

They also learn to use our proprietary, research-based programs: the Balanced Care Method and the Cognitive Therapeutics Method

The Balanced Care Method focuses on five key areas: cognitive stimulation, nutrition, physical activity, calm and purpose, and social engagement. We based this revolutionary approach on studies of elders in Okinawa, Japan, where it is not unusual to live past 100 years old. By providing a balanced focus, we help enhance seniors’ lives and increase their joy and fulfillment. 

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is specific for our clients with memory problems. This comprehensive program improves all-around, long-term brain health, rather than focusing only on memory. The five areas of focus are Executive Functioning, Attention, Language, Visual-Spatial Perception, and Memory. Instead of relying solely on medications, we use scientifically-backed activities and routines that keep your parent active and engaged, crucial to maintaining brain health.

We guarantee that you receive the best care possible by using these cutting-edge methods at no additional cost to you. To get started, we match your loved one with one of our many skilled caregivers based on personality, interests, and personal preferences. This match creates a positive and comfortable environment and ensures consistent care. These factors are essential to optimum long-term health for your parent. Once we’ve found a great fit, we won’t switch your caregiver as long as you’re happy. 

And we don’t stop there when it comes to ensuring your experience exceeds your expectations. We perform regular quality assurance visits and ongoing training for our caregivers. We offer our services without long-term commitments or contracts. Because we understand that life doesn’t happen from 9-5, we are on call for clients 24/7, even on holidays and weekends. And in case your caregiver has an emergency and isn’t available, we have a large pool of trained employees to call on as backup caregivers.

We also take care of the behind-the-scenes work for you. We do all screening, background checks, and training. Our caregivers are bonded and insured and covered with workers’ compensation through our company. And we provide our caregivers with excellent benefits and the highest salary in the industry.  

As a leader in the home care industry and specifically the dementia care realm, we are committed to changing the way the world ages. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can bring peace of mind to you and your loved one.

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