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6 Cognitively Stimulating Board Games for the Elderly

Not unlike the way physical exercise benefits physical health, playing board games exercises the brain. There are a variety of popular but lesser-known games that are appropriate for seniors who live with cognitive disorders. Here are six suitable games that Dayton dementia caregivers can play with their loved ones.

1. Colorku

Similar to Sudoku, the game swaps colored marbles for numbers. The 13.5-inch board comes with 81 marbles in nine different colors. Players must complete one of 104 puzzles that require placing the right colored ball in each three-by-three circled square. 

2. Quirkle

Similar to dominoes, the game features black, wooden tiles that bear specific colors and shapes. Players gain points by creating columns and rows featuring common colors or shapes. Although designed to challenge strategy and tactical skills, adults who live with dementia experience visual stimulation by mixing and matching the game pieces. 

3. Reminiscing

The entire family can play this fun and mentally stimulating game that jogs player’s memories of fads, fashions, movies, TV and music from the 1950s to the present day. The game requires two to four players or teams. 

4. Rush Hour

The innovative puzzle-based game requires players to use critical thinking, problem solving and strategy skills to maneuver a car through a traffic-heavy gridlock in as few moves as possible. There are 40 different challenges divided into novice, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Additional cars and puzzle cards are available. 

5. Set Cubed

The game requires players to create “sets” on the board based on the shapes, colors and numbers that appear on the dice. Similar to Scrabble, the sets involve placing tiles up, down and sideways to complete patterns and gain points. 

6. Ticket to Ride

Game play involves creating routes of train cars across the mapped board. The longer the lines, the more points scored. Players also gain points by selling connecting tickets from one station to another. Different variations of the game feature maps of varying countries. 
Providers of senior care in Dayton understand the importance of mental stimulation for seniors with cognitive disorders. That’s why Home Care Assistance supplements Alzheimer’s and dementia home care with our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM). This activities-based program uses a series of games and exercises to stimulate mental function, delay memory loss, encourage social interaction, and boost self-esteem. Learn more about CTM today by calling [hca_phone] to speak with a trusted Care Manager.

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