Researchers Developed a New Wearable Diabetes Treatment for Seniors

Living with diabetes is challenging at any age, but those challenges grow more difficult as we grow older. Seniors are more at risk for diabetes complications due to drastic changes in their bodies, as well as the development of other health problems. Fortunately, new technology is being developed and tested to combat the hurdles of diabetes. This revolutionary device may help live-in caregivers in Dayton provide optimal care for seniors with diabetes.

About the Wearable Graphene-Based Biomedical Bracelet

This new medical device allows diabetes patients to monitor their blood sugar without taking a blood sample every few hours. The bracelet features pH and temperature monitoring functions that successfully measure sweat glucose and blood acidity levels. The GP-based technology is wireless and transfers data by connecting to a portable power supply. 

Administers Drugs Accurately and Painlessly

The medical bracelet allows non-invasive treatment by administering the necessary drugs through microneedles into the bloodstream. The drug releases the appropriate amount of insulin whenever the device detects high glucose levels. The flexibility of this bracelet allows it to be placed over skin abnormalities and remains in place during natural body movements. These features allow for accurate drug administration at all times. 

Alternative Treatment for Seniors with Diabetes

Testing your blood sugar levels multiple times a day can be a daunting task, especially for seniors who live alone. It can be easy to forget a test during a busy day and purchasing supplies can get expensive. This new bracelet allows seniors to go about their day worry free and eliminates the need for test strips and other supplies. Skin-based diabetes treatment manages the disease with utmost accuracy, allowing people to monitor their glucose levels with confidence. The Graphene-Based Biomedical Device may make life easier for diabetics provided that further testing proves its accuracy and efficiency.
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