Senior Health: The Importance of Cancer Screening

As the body ages and slows, it becomes increasingly prone to a number of illnesses, particularly cancer. Cancer screening in older adults is an important part of comprehensive care that at-home caregivers in Dayton should make sure their loved ones stay up-to-date on. Here are a few reasons your loved one should regularly screen for the disease.

Increased Risk

Seniors are at increased risk of cancer not only due to the fact that their bodies are aging, but also due to environmental factors they’ve been exposed to throughout their lives. Carcinogens have not always been as well understood or identified as they are now, and over their lifetime, many elderly people have been exposed to a variety of cancer causing agents. Seniors won’t know if these factors have spurred the onset of cancer without proper screening. 


Older adults who already live with certain illnesses associated with their age also face an increased risk of cancer. If a patient has both cancer and another disease, these maladies can each affect how the other is treated. For example, treatment for the initial illness might exacerbate cancer, especially if it is otherwise undetected.

Increased Mortality

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, “cancer incidence and mortality rises exponentially in the 50–85 year old age groups.” The same study found that this age group is equally responsive to treatment as younger patients, offering hope to both those with cancer and their Dayton at-home care providers. Cancer screenings give seniors the chance to boost their chance of treatment and survival. 

Quality of Life

Because of the sustained effectiveness of cancer treatment in older age groups, seniors can benefit from extended and improved quality of life when cancer is detected early and treated effectively. Because early detection is important for so many types of cancer, regular screening continues to be important for those of advanced age.
Cancer screening is an important part of senior health and wellbeing. Should your loved one receive a cancer diagnosis or require home care to manage other diseases, Home Care Assistance of Dayton can help. We provide comprehensive services including stroke, dementia, and Alzheimer’s home care Dayton seniors need to meet the challenges associated with treatment and recovery. Call an experienced Care Manager at [hca_phone] today to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation.

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