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Connecting Generations: How Young People are Helping Older Adults Stay Social

If you belong to a younger generation, like iGen, Generation Z, Millennials, or Generation X, you can probably confirm that using technology is like second nature to you.
So, where does that leave senior citizens?
They often struggle to keep up with advancements or get left behind socially. But younger generations can teach seniors how to stay social, too! Especially those with parents or grandparents in senior care.

Help your senior become just as social as you! Familiarize yourself with the tips below.

Get started by explaining the value to staying social to your senior. It helps to physically show them the benefit of technology through demonstrations, like video calling a longtime friend, or replying to an email from a family member. Doing these things will help them to see the value of technology firsthand!
Next comes understanding the language of technology. Using all the technological jargon probably won’t be useful, since your senior likely is not familiar with it. Rather, use a simpler language and explain things using analogies that your senior will understand.
Watch your speed! Instead of rushing through explanations and demonstrations, just take things slow.
Take things slow, don’t rush your explanations and demonstrations. Even though using your phone or tablet might be simple for you doesn’t mean it’s going to be as quick and easy for your loved one in senior care to grasp. Take your time to go through the motions of opening the Instagram app a few times, until your senior begins to get the hang of it.
Is your senior struggling to remember how to use their technology? If so, write it down. Keep in mind that as your senior ages, forgetfulness is not uncommon. It is possible that they just can’t remember the important details that you showed them. Writing down easy to understand instructions will help them complete a task when you’re not around to help.
We know – It can be challenging to teach a beginner user of technology, especially if you yourself are advanced. But just be patient! Your senior will be more comfortable learning at their own pace and having patience with them is a simple gesture that shows them how much you care about them.
Your senior might not remember a process after just one demonstration, so try to stay consistent. If your senior were to show you how to drive a manual car, would you remember after just one session? If so, that is impressive, but more than likely, you would not. So just keep with it and go through several of the same things each time you spend time with them!
For further advice on connecting socially with your senior, or to develop a personalized senior care plan for them, call us here at Home Care Assistance! We are ready to schedule your consultation.

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