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Useful Resources for Dementia Caregivers in Dayton

More and more families are assuming the role of caregiver for their loved ones living with dementia. It’s an option that can save money and help reduce anxiety and confusion for their loved one with dementia by keeping them in a familiar environment. Additionally, personalized care from family members often leads to stronger emotional bonds and better overall well-being for those living with dementia. But to do so, you need resources for dementia caregivers in Dayton you can rely on. 

Family caregivers commonly experience physical, emotional, and financial strain as they navigate the challenges of caring for their loved one. Caregivers face unique challenges such as managing behavioral changes, providing personal care assistance, and juggling other responsibilities like work or parenting. Without support, this can lead to caregiver burnout, which can have negative effects on both the caregiver’s health and the quality of care provided to their loved one.

Fortunately, awareness of these challenges is improving and resources are available to support these family caregivers. These resources aim to ease the burden and enhance the quality of care for both caregivers and their loved ones. From respite care options to educational workshops and support groups, Dayton is fostering a compassionate community for those navigating the complexities of dementia care. 

Useful Resources for Dementia Caregivers in Dayton

Here’s a list of some helpful resources available to families in the Dayton, OH area:

Local Resources for Dementia Caregivers in Dayton, OH

Alzheimer’s Association – Miami Valley Chapter

Address: 31 W. Whipp Road, Dayton

24/7 Helpline: 1-800-272-3900

Website: Alzheimer’s Association – Dayton

The association is a helpful resource for dementia caregivers regardless of experience level. Family members get immediate support with information, local resources, crisis assistance, and emotional support through their 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900 and the Live Chat on their website. They have a community message board and articles on a variety of useful topics. Plus, they have online and local support groups, resources to locate community resources, and other tools designed to empower dementia caregivers.

Ohio Department on Aging

Address: 246 N. High St./1st Fl., Columbus

Phone: 1-800-266-4346

Website: Ohio Department on Aging

The agency offers a wealth of information for caregivers across the state. The site offers a list of approved caregiver training classes, techniques to delay symptom onset, and a list of local services for Dayton residents. The department also offers the latest news reports on topics that concern aging Americans.

Area Agency on Aging, PSA 2

Address: 40 W. Second Street, Suite 400, Dayton

Phone: 1-800-258-7277

Website: Area Agency on Aging, PSA 2

The main focus of the agency is helping older adults and their families coordinate local services.  With the help of professional staff members, families find resources for caregiver training and news concerning senior-related topics. The agency also regularly features schedules of educational events for seniors and their families.

Miami Valley Hospital

Address: One Wyoming Street, Dayton

Phone: (937) 208-8000

Website: Miami Valley Hospital Neurosciences

The Neuroscience Institute within the facility offers support groups and educational programs designed to help seniors and family members better understand and deal with the disease processes that affect the brain and spine. The information posted on the web page includes locations, times, and contact numbers for various groups.

Golden Buckeye Center for Dementia Caregiving

Address: 760 Kinnear Road

Columbus, Ohio 43212

Phone: (800) 645-2946

Website: Golden Buckeye Center for Dementia Caregiving

Part of The Ohio State University College of Nursing, this resource features a team of globally recognized experts and researchers who provide comprehensive training, valuable resources, and cutting-edge research. Their mission is to enhance connection, skill, and confidence among both family and professional caregivers across Ohio.

Ombudsman Region 2: West Central Ohio

Address: 11 W. Monument, Suite 606 Dayton, OH 45402

Phone: 1-800-395-8267


Ombudsman Ohio is a state-managed program that advocates for residents in long-term care facilities, ensuring they receive quality care and respect. Trained professionals and volunteers investigate complaints and address issues, offering confidential and free support to residents and their families.

Dementia Friends Ohio

To Schedule a Free Session:

Website: Dementia Friends Ohio

Dementia Friends is a global initiative focused on changing the way people think, act, and talk about dementia. They bring awareness and education to local communities so that people living with dementia can feel supported and understood. You can schedule a free one-hour online or in-person session to learn how to make a difference in the life of your loved one with dementia.

Lewy Body Dementia Association

Phone: (800) 539-9767

Website: Lewy Body Dementia Association

This group offers support specifically for people with Lewy Body dementia and their caregivers. On their website, you’ll find educational resources, support groups, the latest research, and more.

Other Useful Resources for Dementia Caregivers in Dayton

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