Alzheimer's & Dementia

Dangers of Denying a Dementia Diagnosis

An inability to handle basic responsibilities, significant changes in personality, and persistent and progressive memory loss are not symptoms that should be explained away or ignored. When dementia rears its head, both seniors and their loved ones need to do all that they can to address this issue head-on to prevent frustration and promote safety.

Access to Quality Medical Care and Important Resources

Dayton senior care professionals understand how difficult it is when a loved one receives a dementia diagnosis. However, acknowledging and accepting it is essential for ensuring your loved one can access all necessary medical care. While there currently isn’t a cure for dementia, there are treatments that can limit its progression and ease symptoms. Connecting your loved one with the best doctors and dementia resources as early as possible will have a significant and very positive impact on his or her quality of life going forward.

Senior Participation in Long-Term Planning

Senior adults with dementia will have the best opportunity to participate in the long-term planning process if this is initiated during the most formative stages of dementia. Acknowledging this illness and expediting the planning process because of it will allow aging adults to state their preferences for long-term care and make advanced directives before dementia impacts their ability to do so. It will also make it easier for family members to assume the legal control they need for making important decisions on behalf of their loved ones once these individuals are no longer able to make decisions for themselves.

Adapting the Right Lifestyle for Assured Safety and Health

Dementia has a considerable impact on senior abilities particularly as this pertains to driving automobiles or operating other forms of complex equipment. Making immediate life changes when memory loss and confusion begin to occur on a regular basis is vital for keeping seniors safe. Ignoring a dementia diagnosis can lead to major and wholly preventable accidents.

Medication Concerns

Forgetfulness and prescriptions drugs do not mix. Many seniors have already begun taking a variety of prescribed medications long before their dementia diagnoses are received. Recognizing that this is a responsibility better suited for an hourly caregiver is key for avoiding missed doses and overdose among other problems.

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