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Useful Knee Exercises for Arthritis Pain

It is important that seniors exercise their knees, especially when they have arthritis. Building flexibility in this area reduces the likelihood of falls and can help relieve arthritis pain. These exercises also help to build strength in the muscles surrounding the knee, causing less stretch and strain on the joint. Dayton in-home care professionals should encourage their senior loved one to try these knee exercises.

Straight Leg Lifts

Seniors who can still get on the floor can do straight leg lifts. Have your loved one start by lying on the floor with the right knee bent up in the air. Slowly, lift the left leg so that the knees are even. Hold the leg up in the air for a four count before putting it back on the floor. Switch legs and repeat the process.

Single Leg Dip

Position two chairs so that your loved one can stand comfortably between their backs. While holding to the back of the chairs and keeping one leg straight, have the senior bend a knee. The senior should get as close to the floor as possible. Have your loved one hold the position before returning to the starting position. Repeat on the other leg.

Step Ups

Have the senior locate a stair step that is about six-inches off the floor. He or she should then step on and off the step as many times as possible. After that, have the senior turn to the side and step on the step sideways. Turn around and repeat on the other side.

Hamstring Stretch

Have the senior sit on the floor with his or her legs straight out in front. Now, have the senior place his or her hands flat on the floor. Finally, have them slide their hands as far forward as possible. Hold the position for a four count and slowly slide them back to the starting position.
The senior should not feel serious knee pain when doing these exercises. In fact, seniors rely on daily exercise to boost both vitality and longevity. Reach out to Home Care Assistance to learn other ways your loved one can benefit from exercise. Our highly trained Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke caregivers in Dayton work around our clients’ schedules in order to promote overall wellbeing. Call [hca_phone] today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

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