4 YouTubers Over the Age of 60

Making YouTube videos doesn’t just turn young people into stars. It has also helped ordinary seniors rise to fame. Dayton elder care professionals discuss 4 senior YouTubers who are making waves on the social media website.

1. Shirley Curry

Curry is the 80-year-old sensation of the Gamer Grandma YouTube channel. She became passionate about playing video games in the 1990s after her son installed them on her first computer. Curry attributes playing games to keeping her mind active and believes other elderly people could greatly benefit from fighting virtual dragons. She has over 237,000 subscribers who are impressed with her gaming skills. Curry is one of the few seniors who proudly state their real name and age on their YouTube channel.

2. Mr. Forthright

Known for being everyone’s favorite grandpa, people go to his Old and Bold YouTube channel to get creative, sometimes outrageous advice on life topics that can range from ways to get a girlfriend to how to escape from a nursing home. His colorful yet intentionally immature humor led him to create his videos and his own YouTube channel that fans flock to for unconventional advice. He has over 39,000 subscribers and dozens of videos. Besides YouTube, his fans can also follow him on Facebook.

3. Judy Graham

Graham has been knitting for over 50 years and has a YouTube channel called Knitting Tips by Judy. She knits items for charities, her business, and even celebrities. Graham has been passionate about knitting since she was a teenager and finds it therapeutic. Her passion has led her to make videos that teach others about knitting through demonstrations as well as written instructions. Graham has over 44,000 subscribers.

4. Charles Green

Green is a 66-year-old senior who proudly runs the Angry Grandpa Show YouTube channel, which has over 3,000,000 subscribers. His videos feature him angrily telling stories about his life, breaking and throwing things, and pulling pranks on his youngest son and girlfriend. The reaction to his videos, which feature his rants, fueled him to make more videos and create a YouTube channel where his growing fan base can view them. Many don’t know if his outrageous behavior is pure entertainment, real, or a mix of both, but it’s what draws his audience and keeps them wanting more.
These YouTubers are living examples of how seniors can use a relatively new form of technology and make their mark during the golden years. If you would like your loved one to stay active and pursue his or her passions, consider hiring a professional caregiver from Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can help your loved one make productive use of time in addition to assisting him or her with daily tasks. We also provide comprehensive dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s care. Dayton, OH, families can call [hca_phone] to find out more about the types of senior care services we offer and to request a free consultation.

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