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Five Indicators Your Loved One May Need Senior Care at Home

Often times, trying to decide if your loved one needs in-home senior care can be a difficult decision. It can be helpful to know exactly what it is and how it works to aid in this decision-making process. In-home senior care allows seniors to stay in their home as long as possible to age, rather than being placed in a facility. Services like this can be provided on select days and times each week, or 24/7.
In-home senior care service types are extensive, ranging from medical assistance to socialization and companionship to non-medical help – Cooking, cleaning, bathing, running errands, etc.
With a better understanding of what in-home senior care offers, you can now ask yourself: How do you know when your loved one needs these services?
Here are several signs that your loved one is ready for in-home senior care:

They’re Becoming Forgetful

Forgetfulness can be little things, or larger situations. Little things here and there may include forgetting to check the mail or pay the bills. A larger scenario might be if they forget where they live on their way home from grocery shopping.

Recent Accidents or Worsening Health

Has your loved one had a recent accident, like a fall? Or have they faced a recent medical scare? These are important to pay attention to because accidents are likely to reoccur as they continue to age.

Energy Levels and Interests

Does your loved one still have the same speed and enthusiasm? If you notice them getting slower or having low energy, this could be a sign. Also keep on eye on their interests – Do they find their favorite activities and hobbies enjoyable still?

Leaving the House Less Often

How often does your loved one leave the house these days? If they’re not leaving for days at a time, this could be a sign. Perhaps they are too scared to drive themselves around anymore, or they may not feel confident taking public transportation by themselves.

Cleanliness and Organization

How did your loved one and the state of their home appear on your last visit? Keep an eye on the organization of their home during your visits, and make sure they are clean and have fresh clothes.

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