Top 7 Flu-Fighting Foods and Beverages

Many Dayton senior care professionals warn against the flu this time of year. Hopefully, it stays away from your senior loved one this year. Remember to wash your hands and avoid large crowds whenever possible. If you are still worried about the flu catching up with your loved one, then encourage him or her to consume these seven foods and beverages.

1. Yogurt

Eating just seven ounces of yogurt on a daily basis may help to keep the flu bug away because of the live cultures contained in it. Look on the label for the words “live and active cultures” for the best results.

2. Oats

Having a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast helps to keep the flu away because the fiber contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Studies out of Norway suggest that eating oatmeal even boosts the effectiveness of popular antibiotics when consumed together.

3. Garlic

Go ahead and encourage your loved one to have some garlic bread during the flu season as a preventative measure. The optimal dose is two cloves of fresh garlic each day.

4. Fish

Clams, oysters, lobsters and crabs all contain selenium that helps the body rid itself of the flu virus. Eating salmon, herring and other fish that are high in omega-3s helps the body fight infection. Live-in Dayton home care professionals recommend eating fish at least twice a week for the best results.

5. Chicken Soup

While eating chicken soup is great on a cold winter’s day, it is also an effective way to fight the flu bug because it blocks inflammation from reaching the bronchial tube, making people feel even worse. Additionally, the salty broth prevents mucus from forming. 

6. Tea

Both black and green teas help the body produce interferon that helps keep viruses away. Go ahead and prompt your loved one to drink another cup, even if it is decaffeinated, because the optimal amount is five glasses a day.

7. Beef

Carve off a big slice of beef and serve it to your loved one for dinner today. Beef is an outstanding source of zinc, which is an important nutrient that helps prevent the flu.
Eating a well-balanced diet is a great way to keep the flu away this year. Learn more about flu prevention from the Dayton Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke care experts from Home Care Assistance. In addition to promoting physical wellbeing, our highly trained caregivers help seniors with specific illnesses live comfortably at home. Call [hca_phone] today to learn more about our home care and how it benefits local seniors.

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