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Foods To Eat With Dentures

What Can You Eat with Dentures?

You may have to make some adjustments when you get dentures.

Trying Out Your New Dentures

Your gums will have to adjust to chewing and biting. You might even be sore yet from the recent removal of your natural teeth, so keep your first meals with new dentures soft foods like:

  • Broth, juice or other liquids
  • Pudding, gelatin or yogurt
  • Hot cereals
  • Applesauce
  • Mashed potatoes or any mashed vegetables

Keep in mind that dentures insulate your mouth, and it will be less sensitive to heat. You’ll need to adjust to the new level of heat sensitivity.

Transition Slowly to Solid Foods

Your mouth will adjust rather quickly but add solid foods slowly. First, cut everything into smaller pieces than usual. Take your time trying foods like:

  • Soup with cooked vegetables and soft meats
  • Cooked rice or pasta
  • Soft bread
  • Cooked greens
  • Soft, skin-free fish
  • Baked beans

Learn what foods NOT to eat with dentures in Dayton, OH.

Foods to Avoid with Dentures

Eventually, you’ll eat most foods as before, but there will still be items you should avoid or only eat occasionally. These foods are:

  • Sticky food items that could move your dentures out of place, like peanut butter or gummy candy.
  • Small food pieces your natural teeth couldn’t grind or chew presents bigger problems for dentures. Things like popcorn, sesame seeds, and nuts should make you wary.
  • Hard foods that create uneven pressure on your dentures can painfully dislodge the dentures, or damage them. Keep away from nuts, popcorn, apples, carrot sticks, and corn on the cob.
  • Foods requiring a lot of chewing place unnecessary stress on dentures and gums which can create sore spots on the gums. Avoid chops, steak, and ribs as much as possible.

Learn what foods to eat with dentures in Dayton, OH.

Foods to Enjoy with Dentures

Missing your favorite foods? There are plenty of tasty options in a denture-friendly diet:

  • Meats cooked in the slow-cooker like beef brisket, pulled pork, or pot roast are good options.
  • Ground meats require less chewing and are delicious in many recipes.
  • Replace nut kinds of butter with varieties of hummus. Cream cheese might be a good replacement, too.
  • Chocolate can still satisfy candy lovers as long as there’s no nuts, toffee, or other hazardous foods inside.
  • Ripe fruits are naturally soft. Blend fruits in ice cream or yogurt, or make a healthy smoothie.
  • Cooked veggies have a softer texture and you can find an endless variety of recipes.

Be careful with your new dentures as you adjust so you can eat for many years to come!
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