Creative Halloween Costumes to Make with Your Elderly Loved One

Halloween is fun for people of all ages, so why should seniors be an exception? If store-bought costumes are a little out of your loved one’s price range, never fear. The costumes listed in this article are clever and easy for seniors to make with their Dayton, OH, home caregivers.

The Unicorn

Use rolled stiff paper, a white sweatshirt with hoodie, and colorful yarn to make your loved one into a unicorn. Fashion the paper into a horn and add felt ears. Glue these items to the hood of your loved one’s sweatshirt. Loop several colorful yarns around your hands and tie it off. Cut the opposite side to make the “mane”. Repeat with longer “tail” loops. Attach both mane and tail with a safety pin to finish off the look. 

Bubble Gum Machine

Glue colorful pom poms all over a white t-shirt. On a red skirt, add a gray felt rectangle in the middle of the waistline. With a marker, make a twist knob, spout and a 25-cent price on the felt and attach it to the rectangle. Now your loved one has a cute gumball machine costume others will envy.

Be an Artist

Purchase a plain white apron, acrylic paint, and a black beret. Smear the paints in brush strokes all over the apron. Using a piece of cardboard, make a palette of colors for your senior loved one to carry as a prop. Add the beret and your loved one becomes an artist.

Jelly Beans

Put a clear trash bag on your senior loved one and tie it at the shoulders. Make a logo that says “Jelly Beans” and attach it to the front of the bag. Fill the bag with oblong-shaped colorful balloons to create a vibrant and fun costume your loved one will love.


A black sweat suit with hood, two long white boas and a long black one will help you turn your loved one into a skunk. Simply hot glue the white boas from top of the hood down the back. Add the black boa down the middle of the white ones. Allow the remaining length to swing freely like a tail.
With help from a trusted Dayton home care provider, seniors can learn to enjoy all aspects of life throughout the year. Home Care Assistance caregivers are available 24/7 to help seniors with everyday tasks such as personal care, medication reminders, errands, and even housekeeping. Contact us today at [hca_phone] to learn how our comprehensive services can be customized to meet your loved one’s needs.

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