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4 Ways to Appease Your Senior Relative’s Sweet Tooth

As seniors age, it becomes more important to monitor their sugar intake. If you’re concerned that your elderly loved one is eating too many sweets, but you don’t want to completely eliminate sugar from his or her diet, there are healthy alternatives. Read on for four ways [hca_city] senior care professionals to satisfy your elderly loved one’s sweet tooth without ruining his or her diet.

1. Frozen Fruits

Though an occasional serving of ice cream isn’t going to ruin your elderly loved one’s diet, exchanging that dairy product for an assortment of frozen fruits is a healthier alternative. Whether you use bananas, grapes, or blueberries, freezing and pureeing fruits is a tasty and sweet snack for seniors looking for a sugary treat.

2. Honey

While mixing sugar in tea is a popular option, you can lighten your elderly loved one’s afternoon cup, or even baked goods, by using honey instead. While honey has a slightly different flavor than sugar, when used as a sugar replacement in baked goods, the difference is hardly noticeable.

3. Stevia

Like using honey as a sugar replacement, stevia is a low-calorie, dietary alternative that can help seniors get the sweet taste they are looking for without the spike in blood sugar. As stevia is actually a natural plant derivative, it’s also healthier for senior health than other low-calorie sugar replacements like aspartame.

4. Dark Chocolate

While most chocolate comes with sugar, dark chocolate is typically made with reduced sugar, which makes it the healthiest of the chocolate options. As dark chocolate is also chock full of antioxidants, it also offers other health benefits including promoting a healthy heart and combating Alzheimer’s disease as well as other memory disorders. If your loved one requires Dayton dementia home care, this may be a suitable sweet treat for him or her.
A healthy diet is paramount when it comes to senior health, which is why it’s so important that your loved one eats the right foods. To help your loved one maintain a healthy diet, turn to the professionals from Home Care Assistance. We help seniors with daily tasks such as grocery shopping and nutritious meal preparation while promoting their independence. To learn more about our hourly and Dayton live-in senior home care, contact a friendly Care Manager at [hca_phone] today.

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