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Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risks

When it comes to your senior loved one in home care, one thing is certain: You want only the very best for them! Compassionate and experienced caregivers are a must. Superior care services are necessary. But you should also make your senior’s safety in their own home a top priority! The best thing you can do is to reduce hazards in their home, so they are less likely to injure themselves by taking a fall, for example. Read our top 10 tips below so you can learn how to lower your senior’s risk of a fall!

  1. Know Their Risk Factors. A doctor can perform a wellness assessment to examine any existing conditions, like vision impairment, arthritis, or memory loss, that can contribute to falls.
  2. Help Them Exercise. Regular exercise can help keep your senior strong and build their endurance! Physical fitness is great fall prevention.
  3. Check for Issues with Balance. Ask their doctor to perform a balance test. Falls can often occur due to imbalance issues, which can be caused by disorders of the vestibular system.
  4. Get a Home Inspection. Make sure your senior’s home is truly safe from fall hazards! You can get a fall-specific inspection done by a professional.
  5. Review Their Medications. It is a good idea to have a doctor review a list of your senior’s medication. This can prevent any unwanted side effects due to combined medications.
  6. Get Their Vision Checked Regularly. Getting regular vision exams is a great idea for your senior. This will keep their eyesight healthy and let you know that they can see their surroundings clearly.
  7. Give Them Proper Nutrition. For better muscle and bone strength, make sure your senior is getting the right nutrients from their diet!
  8. Use Walking Aids. A cane or walker can be a great tool for mobility when used properly and fitted correctly.
  9. Avoid Distracted Walking. Get rid of any distractions while walking, including making rules like “no walking with a smart phone”.
  10. Home Care Services. To be extra sure that your senior is staying safe at home, add on home care services to their routine.

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