Home Care in 10 Years: Trends and Predictions

In 10 years, the home care industry is going to look quite a bit different! Home care has had its share of ups and downs, much like our economy, and as a result we have some new trends to look at for the very near future. Some of these trends include more cost-effective independent living options, more “senior-friendly” homes packed with amenities, and a greater integration of technology in the home designed to help seniors live their best lives.
To better understand the outlook on the home care industry, let’s take a look at the trends, predictions, and changes below:

More Amenities for Seniors

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are struggling to attract and retain seniors, and because of that, we’re going to see more progressive programs put into place: Cultural events, new-age fitness classes, and educational services. All to cater to a new generation of incoming seniors!

Green Senior Living

More senior housing options that are eco-friendly will be popping up! Green living for seniors is a pretty big deal, because they’re must more cost-effective. Less utilities, less money! Eco-friendly homes are also an excellent way to keep senior citizens conscious of the environment.

Senior Co-Housing

Seniors will LOVE the co-housing trend! In a commune, they will have the ability to live independently in their own home, but they will also share spaces like gardens and recreational centers which encourage socialization. Seniors will also take an active part in helping make any community-related decisions, helping to reinforce their sense of purpose and importance.

More Technology

Get ready to start seeing more technology in the senior home! Computer home systems are going to help revolutionize the home care industry – They’ll be working to send items like vitals and medication logs wirelessly to caregivers and families alike! This well help to keep everyone up to date on a senior’s health in a split second.

Less Nursing Home Models

Goodbye nursing homes, hello independent senior living? In lieu of the classic nursing home model, more and more seniors would rather use home care services to continue aging in peace in their own home. And, as a more cost-effective option, home care services make an excellent choice for today’s and the future’s seniors!
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