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Dementia Safety: Modifying Your Loved One’s Home

If your senior loved one was diagnosed with dementia, you will probably need to modify his or her home to protect him or her from dangers around the house. Seniors who receive in-home dementia care in Dayton may need protection from dangerous objects, falling, or wandering away. Here are some tips for creating a safe and secure living environment for your elderly loved one.

Lock Up Dangerous Objects

Store any dangerous tools or items in secure areas out of your loved one’s reach. Accidents often occur from seniors with dementia attempting to use sharp tools or kitchen appliances without help or guidance. Put sharp knives, kitchen appliances, or other dangerous objects in a locked cabinet. Keep medications, household cleaners, and other chemicals locked away as well.

Install Safety Ramps and Rails

Modifying your loved one’s home to prevent any trips or falls is also very important. If possible, build a ramp to the front door of the house and install an elevator chair to help your loved one get safely up or down the stairs. You can also install handrails along the stairs and hallways to help your loved one walk more easily. Make sure every room in the house has bright lighting so he or she can always see clearly, and remove any area rugs on the floor. Area rugs can be a big risk for falls because your loved one can easily catch his or her foot on the rug and fall.

Secure the Area

You should also make modifications to the home to prevent your loved one from wandering when his or her Dayton caregiver isn’t around. Putting a locked fence around the yard should prevent him or her from wandering too far outside the house. Additionally, if you live with your loved one, you can install locks or an alarm on the door to alert you if he or she opens the door. Placing an identification card in your loved one’s wallet can also help in case he or she does wander away.
Seniors with dementia benefit from comprehensive Dayton home care to ensure their emotional and physical needs are met each day. Home Care Assistance is a trusted provider of dementia home care that promotes safety and wellbeing in the comfort your loved one’s home. Our compassionate caregivers oversee personal care, remind clients to take their medications, offer emotional support seniors need to meet the challenges of dementia. Call today at [hca_phone] to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a compassionate Care Manager today.

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