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How Can Music Help Seniors In Home Care

Music – We hear it all the time! As adults, it is probably fair to see that we have heard thousands of different songs and artists over the years. So many that it can be easy to take music for granted. But the same is not true for seniors in home care. For them, music is considered a medicine of the mind! Music therapy offers seniors numerous proven health benefits, and we’re going through all of them below.

Decreased Pain from Chronic Illness

Let’s begin by talking about the physical health benefit of listening to music. Although medicine for the mind, there are many positives music therapy offers for the body! First, research has found a positive connection between listening to music and physical activity. If a senior listens to music while they are exercising, they are much more likely to continue exercising for a longer time, and they may even push themselves a little harder. The more physically fit a senior is, the better their physical health and longevity! 
Next, thanks to this, experts can also conclude that music can improve immune function and help decrease any pain experienced from chronic illnesses. Music and physical activity together help lower the stress hormones produced by the body. If a senior exercises often, they are less likely to get stressed out meaning that their immune function will improve. 

Stimulates the Brain and Improves Mood

In addition to the physical benefits, music therapy does wonders for stimulating a senior’s brain. Their brain will actually respond to therapeutic music, since the music is essentially a total workout for the mind. When a senior spends time listening to (or playing, if they can) music, they can expect an improvement in their quality of sleep, mental alertness, mood, and memory.
More so, music stimulates dopamine, which sends a positive emotion to the rewards center of a senior’s brain. This leads to a sense of joy or elation, and in turn can even reduce stress and anxiety. By listening to music, seniors can prevent rises in their heart rate and blood pressure while simultaneously decreasing levels of cortisol. Say goodbye to stress!
We’d also like to mention how much happier music makes seniors feel. Music therapy is a great solution for encouraging social interaction, relieving boredom, and calming the nerves. Each items that can keep feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression at bay. 
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