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Helping Your Loved One With Eating After A Stroke

Provide Nutrition to Loved Ones in Stroke Care

Your loved one requiring stroke care might be challenged with eating independently, at least for a time. There may be problems with chewing and swallowing, and it might be hard to move arms and hands smoothly in order to get food into the mouth without help.

The following tips might be helpful:

Encourage a Regular Dining Schedule

  • Create a regular dining schedule. Consistently dining with your loved one at approximately the same times will be best for your loved one in stroke care. Have patience with their struggles and allow ample time for completing meals.
  • When is the best time for meals? Try slightly varying meal times as you figure out what times seem to work best for the patient in stroke care. Notice when they seem to have the most energy and appetite at meals.
  • Quality foods. Keep loved one healthy by providing nutritious foods while providing after-stroke care.
  • What are their favorite foods? Satisfy your loved one’s desire for favorite foods, if possible, as long as they are easy to ingest and nutritional.

Softer Food is Safer for People in Stroke Care

  • Make smoothies: Be creative with fruit and vegetable smoothies to help with easy-to-swallow nutrition.
  • Fiber is important: Prepared warm oatmeal is loaded with fiber. Add a spoonful of jam on top for an easy and delicious breakfast.
  • Boiled or scrambled eggs: Most people like to eat soft-boiled or scrambled eggs. They provide protein, too.
  • Soft desserts: Everyone can eat desserts once in a while if they’re easy to chew and swallow.
  • Liquid meals: Ready-made high-calorie protein shakes are easy to swallow and good to take out of the house when necessary.
  • Try specialized utensils: Specialized utensils with innovative designs can be ordered online and can help someone in stroke care to eat independently.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Assistance

Assisting someone in stroke care can be difficult. Don’t hesitate to get assistance as needed before it becomes too much of a challenge for yourself or your family. Reach out to your Home Care Assistance location in Dayton, OH at 937-353-1412 for suggestions on how you can get additional help for loved ones in stroke care.

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