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How to Make Your Home More Accessible for an Elderly Loved One

Caring for an elderly loved one in your own home starts by keeping them safe and comfortable. One of the ways to do this is by making some adjustments in your home so that it becomes more accessible for your senior. There are several home improvement projects you can do that will eliminate the obstacles of a normal home and keep your senior feeling secure. Below, we’re sharing some of these projects and what’s most important to update, room by room.

The Exterior

First, we begin outside the home. If you have the means, a no-step entryway is ideal for your senior! The lack of steps will make it much easier for your senior to exit and enter the home with ease. This is especially true for seniors who are in a wheelchair or who have issues with mobility.

The Bathroom

The bathroom may require several improvements since it is a space where plenty of time is spent and should be kept safe. For the toilet and shower, install grab bars or handles that make it easier for your senior to get up and down and in and out. An elevated toilet may also be helpful and makes it much simpler for your senior to get up. For the shower space, if there is enough room you can add a chair for sitting. Installing a roll-in shower can make it easier in general for your senior to enter and exit.

The Bedroom

Another room where time is spent often and should be kept comfortable is your senior’s bedroom. This room should be all about accessibility, starting with leaving plenty of room throughout for your senior to navigate. Some other simple but effective improvements include using roller light switches instead of the flip switch and making closet shelves easily reachable.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen – the heart of the home – can be adjusted to be more friendly for senior care with some new installations. Any mounted appliances, like a microwave, should be kept at a reachable height. You can install countertops at varying heights and keep cooking surfaces lowered to prevent back pain for your senior – especially if they love to cook!
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