How to Recognize Mental Health Problems in the Elderly

If you have a loved one in senior care, being able to recognize the signs of mental health issues is imperative to their health and wellness. Seniors are unfortunately prone to experiencing illnesses anxiety and depression, which can be easy to overlook and often go unnoticed. This isn’t anyone’s fault, since signs of these illnesses can often be very subtle and undetectable, while other signs are much more overt. Still, being aware of which signs to look for and having the ability to identify if your senior has mental health issues is a good thing. It can help them get treated right away so that they can get back to living a full and happy life.
Subtle Signs
Trouble with Sleeping. Recognizing issues with sleep can be a little harder to do unless you are able to watch your senior sleep. Instead, look for signs of too much sleep or too little based on how tired they are during the day.
Loss of Appetite. A senior’s diet can change if they’re struggling with mental health. During meals, watch to see if your senior is eating a smaller amount than normal, or if they are skipping meals altogether.
More Withdrawn. Have you maybe noticed your senior losing interest in their hobbies? Or having less contact with family and friends? If so, reclusiveness can be a sign of a mental health issue.
Overt Signs
Lack of Personal Hygiene. If your senior is neglecting to take care of themselves – if they are forgetting to shower or brush their teeth, for example – this can be a clear sign they are struggling.
Heavy Mood Swings. Just because your senior is battling a mental health issue doesn’t mean they will be sad all the time. Rather, they will likely experience severe high moods and low moods, so watch for drastic changes in how they’re feeling.
For additional help in identifying if your senior is struggling with a mental health illness, our caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Dayton are here to help. We can assist you in making sure your senior loved one is taken care of and feeling better. Please call us today and schedule your consultation.

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