Keeping in Touch with Elderly Parents When You Live in Another State

More than 15 percent of adults must travel more than one hour to see a senior that they love. While that may make daily meetings nearly impossible, there are many ways that caregivers can keep up with their seniors and seniors with their families. Dayton in-home care professionals recommend the following ways of staying in touch with your loved one.

Create a Caring Circle

It is likely that your senior has people in the area that he or she spends time with. Suggest that those individuals create a calendar so that they are checking on the senior regularly. Connect with those people so that they know how to reach you in case they think you need to know something.

Send Letters

Live-in Dayton, OH, caregivers believe that many seniors love to receive mail from their loved ones. Consider typing up a letter on the computer as this allows you to easily insert photos. Then, print it out. Mail it to the senior on a regular basis. If you do not have much to say, then consider using a postcard.


Many family caregivers encourage their seniors to keep a journal. While the senior may want to record his or her feelings, the journal is also a great place to keep notes on what the doctor says. Seniors can also use the journal to write down when they ordered and received their medicine.

Phone Calls

Make sure to call the senior on a regular basis. If the senior is in great health, call them at least once a week. Alternatively, if the senior is in declining health, consider calling more frequently. When calling, make sure to listen for changes in the senior’s mental health.


Seniors who know how to use a computer often enjoy connecting via Skype. This allows caregivers not only to hear from the senior, but also see them as well.

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