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In Home Care Tips: Creating a Safer Home for Your Aging Loved Ones

Nothing is a greater priority for your senior loved one than their safety while they are aging in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make your senior’s home safer for them – especially if they are living alone. Read through our top in-home care tips below and learn how you can help your senior live their best life and remain safe at home.
Observe & Update
Walkthrough the Home
Your first step is to walk through your home. But do not just breeze through it, take your time to make observations and write down detailed notes. Look for any potential risks and hazards, such as poorly arranged furniture that is blocking pathways for mobility. Watch for things like clutter on the floor or obstacles in the way that pose a threat and cause a fall.
Make Necessary Updates
Now, take your notes and get to work making the appropriate updates throughout the home. Most commonly, you will want to install items like handrails in areas such as the shower or above toilets to help with your senior’s stability. If there are areas in the home that are slippery and without carpet, you can use an anti-slip wax to help.
Take Extra Precautions
Stay Connected
It is essential to keep in good connection with your senior on a frequent basis. Checking in with them often while they are at home can be lifesaving. Make sure you are giving them a phone call or video chatting regularly. If you are especially worried, try installing a security camera in the home.
Ask a Professional
If you are looking for the best way to have some peace of mind, we highly recommend bringing in a reliable and experienced professional. A caregiver will help to look after your senior and make sure they are remaining safe at home. Plus, they will help with other tasks around the home and provide companionship.
Looking for more tips on how to best create a safer home for your senior? Please reach out to our friendly staff here at Home Care Assistance of Dayton and schedule your consultation.

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