Maintaining the Sexual Spark in Senior Relationships

Both medical providers and Dayton hourly home caregivers know that a satisfying sex life is critical to a fulfilling relationship at any age. While many couples make sex a priority in the initial years of marriage, a recent study found that many people in long-term relationships report increasing sexual dissatisfaction as they age. 

Sexual Satisfaction in Long-Term Relationships

A recent study lead by Chapman University rated sexual satisfaction of couples in a long-term relationship. The study found that while most people were satisfied with their sex life in the early years of marriage, this satisfaction dwindled as the relationship went on. They also identified some key behaviors that satisfied couples engaged in that dissatisfied couples did not. These include passionate and meaningful sexual encounters lasting over 30 minutes, making sex a priority, trying new positions or activities in bed, having fun together, and maintaining emotional closeness.

Sex and Seniors

Sex can be difficult for seniors to accomplish, especially if they cardiovascular disease or post-stroke Dayton home care. Along with the pressures of daily life that cause couples to drift apart, health problems and aging bodies can make sex uncomfortable and decrease libido. However, there are many things seniors can do to help maintain the spark in their sex life. 
Seniors should talk to their doctors about any health problems they are experiencing that may be preventing them from having sex. Many conditions and medications impact sexual health. A doctor may be able to help.
Seniors may also need to change their expectations and focus on other forms of sexual stimulation rather than penetration. Seniors can try activities such as showering together, massage, manual stimulation, or reading erotic literature together.
Lastly, seniors need to place a high priority on maintaining emotional closeness. Some suggestions include scheduling regular dates, spending time together engaging in fun activities, and continuing to communicate desire for their partner.
While sex can be difficult for seniors due to health problems and age, it is a critical part of a person’s emotional health. A satisfying sex life is still possible in the senior years with a little effort and imagination. You can learn more about physical and emotional senior health when you reach out to Home Care Assistance of Dayton. As a leading Dayton home care agency, our flexible live-in and hourly services are built around each client’s individual needs and schedule to boost not only physical health but emotional wellbeing. Call us at [hca_phone] today to learn more about our services and schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to helping your loved one.

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