Signs and Symptoms of Liver Disease

About one in 10 Americans are diagnosed with some type of liver disease. In fact, there are over 100 different types of liver disease. Most liver disease develops slowly over a long period of time. Liver failure can result from a number of different diseases including hepatitis B or C and cirrhosis. Long-term alcoholism is another well-known cause of liver disease, as is malnutrition. If you are concerned about a senior who may have liver disease, then there are some common signs that Dayton, OH, senior care professionals recommend that you look out for.


Changes in the skin can be caused by a number of diseases. Liver problems can often cause seniors to develop a purple rash on the lower legs that do not respond to topical treatments. If you are worried about a senior, then check his or her nail color, as changes often appear here first. Bile buildup in the body can additionally cause itchy skin. Doctors are not sure why, but many people with liver disease find that their hands and feet itch at night.


The white part of the eye will often look yellow when a senior has liver disease. Small bumps on the eyelid are often signs often a sign of buildup of fat in the body. This can be another common sign of liver disease. Some people with liver disease may find that their eyes become dry. Liver disease is often accompanied by problems with night vision. 


While liver disease is relatively painless, some types of liver disease can cause the stomach to fill with fluid. Therefore, the senior may feel full all the time. The extra fluid may push up on the diaphragm making it hard to breathe. This swelling is usually accompanied by swelling in the legs, enlarged breasts and mental confusion.

Family caregivers should make a note if the senior starts complaining about one of these symptoms. Discuss it with the primary physician who may test for a variety of enzymes and proteins in the blood to confirm liver disease. Additionally, you can turn to Home Care Assistance to help your loved one manage the disease. We provide flexible stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s in-home care Dayton seniors need to safely age in place. Call [hca_phone] today to learn more about our services and set up a free consultation.

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