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Does Medicare Cover My In-home Care?

What can you do if you are released from the hospital but still require help at home? Will your Medicare cover in-home care? The answer is maybe.
When you’re sick or recovering from illness or surgery, you may need specialized therapy, skilled nursing care, or medical equipment and supplies. Medicare may cover your recovery at home instead of in a nursing facility, but it won’t help with every type of in-home care.

Medical vs. Non-medical Care

Before you request in-home care, learn the difference between medical and non-medical care. This alone may help you determine whether you will have coverage or not.
Medical care: When your doctor prescribes medical care at home, you may have coverage which includes skilled nursing or medical care, such as physical rehab, administration of medicines, or medical-social services. Medical equipment is sometimes provided, as well.
Non-medical care: If your doctor determines that only non-medical care is needed, Medicare won’t cover it. You won’t be able to have help with hygiene, dressing, exercise, meal prep, light housekeeping, running errands, transportation, buddy calls, or safety checks. These services are often necessary, but usually not covered by Medicare.

When Does Medicare Cover In-home Care?

Medicare covers some medical services and in-home care if specific conditions are met:

  1. Find out if your doctor accepts Medicare.
  2. Are you homebound with special medical equipment needed before you can leave home?
  3. Has the doctor ordered your in-home care, with specifics for intermittent skilled in-home care.
  4. You’ve seen the doctor in person and he has confirmed that medical in-home care is necessary.

To recapitulate, your in-home care can be covered by Medicare if skilled nursing services or specific medical supplies are necessary, but it doesn’t cover personal or non-medical needs.

How Home Care Assistance of [hca_city] Can Help

Home Care Assistance of [hca_city] is a private pay in home care provider. This means that we do not accept Medicare. Most home care services are excluded from Medicare coverage, so we are dedicated to finding an affordable, flexible care plan that is right for your loved one. Contact us for a free consultation to review your in home care options.

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