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Alternative Treatments for Seniors with Parkinson’s

There are several alternative treatments to ease Parkinson’s disease symptoms, though people often use these holistic treatments in conjunction with traditional medication. With that in mind, the professional caregivers at Home Care Assistance Dayton would like to shed some light on the following holistic PD treatment methods.

Coenzyme Q10

Frequent doses of coenzyme Q10 can help most seniors who experience early Parkinson’s disease symptoms. To benefit from using coenzyme Q10, it must be taken for at least 16 months or more.


  • Tai chi is an old Chinese exercise that utilizes slow movements, which increase balance and strength. It is a very helpful treatment option for seniors with Parkinson’s disease because improved balance may prevent seniors from falling. Tai chi is recommended for seniors with reasonable range of motion.
  • Seniors who prefer a bit of meditation with exercise should try yoga instead. Yoga improves balance and flexibility, and it strengthens the body’s core muscles. It can also reduce stress.
  • The Alexander technique is a physical treatment option that focuses on balance, posture, and mental abilities. Over time, the exercise may decrease pain and tension in sore muscles in addition to increasing energy.


Meditation is helpful because it lets your elderly loved one focus and reflect on a specific thought or image. Frequent practice can reduce pain and stress, and it can also enhance an individual’s sense of wellbeing.

Music and Art Therapy

Listening to music can reduce your senior loved one’s stress and agitation. Music therapy may also improve speech and overall movement. Art therapy, like painting or ceramics, may also improve your loved one’s outlook and help rid him or her of negativity.

Pet Therapy 

Having and interacting with a pet can improve a senior’s movement and flexibility provided he or she walks and plays with the animal. Pet therapy can also ward off feelings of isolation and depression. Additionally, your loved one may also show signs of improved cognitive function with regular interaction and socialization with the pet.
Even with a combination of traditional medications and alternative methods, Parkinson’s symptoms can still make day-to-day activities challenging for many seniors with PD. If your senior loved one could use help cooking, cleaning, running errands, or benefit from mobility support, turn to Home Care Assistance. We provide quality in-home Parkinson’s care for Dayton seniors and offer both hourly and live-in care schedules. Call us at [hca_phone] for more information.

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