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Beat the Heat with These Senior-Friendly Pool Exercises

Exercise is important for maintaining health at any age, but being active presents unique challenges for many seniors. When it is warm outside, seniors often struggle with overheating. A great way to cool off while still getting exercise is to try an exercise routine that takes place in the pool. Here are a few we would recommend to seniors and live-in Dayton caregivers.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are a great way to get the blood flowing and the lungs pumping without harming any joints. To properly do this cardio exercise that does not harm the joints, seniors should hold onto the side of the pool while floating on their stomach and keeping their head above the water. Then they should slowly kick the legs up and down while keeping them straight. 

Leg Lifts

To do this exercise, seniors should stand in chest-high water while standing on one leg. The other leg should be lifted to the side and then lowered to touch the pool bottom. After one leg tires, the senior should switch legs and workout the other side. This exercise builds muscle in the legs and cores and it also increases balance.


This is another great way to do cardio while staying cool and avoiding any joint stress. Seniors can jog back and forth or even simply walk in water that at least reaches the hips. The water provides extra resistance to this simple activity, which is why this exercise can be a real workout.

Standing Push-Ups

To do this exercise, seniors should stand facing the pool wall in neck-high water. After placing their arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the pool edge, they should slowly bend their arms to a 90-degree angle while leaning towards the pool wall and then straighten again. This exercise helps to build arm and chest muscles while the water supports the body enough to avoid over exhausting the senior.
You could also turn to a Dayton senior care agency for help getting your loved one to exercise. Home Care Assistance is leading home care provider that promotes senior longevity and wellbeing by encouraging physical exercise and nutritious diet. Our highly trained caregivers also facilitate mobility training and physical therapy if your loved one requires more intensive assistance. Contact us at [hca_phone] today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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