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Protecting Seniors From Scams in Dayton, OH

Older people are often targeted in money scams, whether by phone, email or in person. Scammers rely on the elderly to be sympathetic to their emotional pleads for help or assistance.
People with aging parents or loved ones need to be educated and cautious because older adults are often on a fixed income. Sneaky scammers can cost seniors their financial security. Adult children or other relatives may end up sharing in the financial mess, as well.
How do we proactively keep our loved ones’ finances safe from scammers? Educate yourself and your family about the common scams and speak to your parents in senior care so they’ll recognize a fraud when they see it. Scam artists dupe people of all ages. Affirm to the elderly loved one that he or she can contact you or the police if something seems awry. It’s acceptable to hang up on phone solicitors and emails from strangers don’t have to be answered.
These common fraudulent schemes have gone around for ages:

  • Notification of winnings – phony lottery tickets, counterfeit contests, and the pretense of prizes and awards. These shysters are trying to obtain information, so they might ask for small fees to be covered. In reality, they’re gaining access to bank or credit accounts.
  • Mock disaster relief – charities for natural disasters. Non-profit organizations give aid in disasters, but these sneaky crooks are just trying to capitalize on others’ misfortune.
  • Impersonators – usually a young relative, in desperate straits because of an accident or mishap landing him or her in jail. The youth might feign tears and state that he or she is desolate. Anytime you hear a request for a prepaid gift card or a wire transfer, consider it a red flag!
  • Door-to-door baloney – gimmicks, fake products or subscriptions for sale. Buyer beware. It can be costly.

Scheming to access credit card and bank info from elderly in senior care, these criminals are dangerously well-practiced. Keep communication open with your loved ones and remind them you’re always there to help. Tell them not to worry about being rude to strangers who call on the phone.
Having a caregiver looking after your loved ones can bring a sense of security. Caregivers know to be on the lookout for scams when helping the elderly in senior care. Learn more about in-home care by contacting Home Care Assistance of Dayton.

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