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How To Recognize 5 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Do you worry about your brain when you misplace your keys? Don’t worry… It’s normal. Have you been introduced to someone and immediately forgotten his or her name? These are memory lapses that people deal with occasionally and are considered normal.
However, if memory loss starts to affect someone’s life because of forgotten appointments or being lost while driving in a familiar neighborhood, these may be signs of dementia or the most common form of dementia, called Alzheimer’s disease. If memory loss has escalated to this level, you need to look into Alzheimer’s care for your loved one.
Alzheimer’s disease is debilitating, continually worsening until death. With no cure in the near future, it’s best to make a plan for Alzheimer’s care as soon as it’s recognized and before reaching the later stages.
Recognize Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages by learning what to look for.

Recognize 5 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Asking the same question: As loved ones enter into Alzheimer’s, you might notice them forgetting things quickly. If they ask the same question over and over that’s already been answered, there’s a serious problem.
  2. A sudden change of habits: Sudden changes to social habits should be of concern. For example, if you see your loved one shying away from social activities that they used to enjoy, there may be a problem.
  3. Problems finding things: Do you have to repeatedly help your loved one look for lost items? That’s a red flag.
  4. Money management issues: Is your loved one having problems paying (or not paying) bills? At some point, money management will become impossible. If your loved one’s finances are suddenly askew, seeking Alzheimer’s care now is a good plan.
  5. Can’t read or write: Adults losing the ability to read, write or speak may have a serious problem. When there are problems forming sentences, writing letters, or forgetting everyday words, call for help for your loved one.

Wondering if your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s? That can be overwhelming and this is why many families deny noticing the initial symptoms, rather than proactively seeking Alzheimer’s care. Early diagnoses is best, so a comprehensive plan for Alzheimer’s care is created before the disease advances too far.

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