Senior Care for Moms: What to Buy for Mother’s Day

May is in full swing here in Dayton, OH, bringing plenty of warmer weather and spring flowers. But the month of May also brings a really great day – Mother’s Day! Have you thought about what to get for Mom? We have! This year we did some creative thinking for you and came up with an awesome gift list for your mom in senior care.
Take a look below and discover some unique gifts to get for your mom in senior care this Mother’s Day!

Vitamin D Lamp

If getting outdoors isn’t as easy anymore for your mom in senior care, consider a Vitamin D lamp! Vitamin D is great for a number of things, including supporting her vision, immune system, heart health, and improving her overall mood! Even if she’s indoors.

Memory Jar

For a great sentimental gift idea, you can make a memory jar for Mom this Mother’s Day. All you need is a jar, stationary, and time to reflect! Write down your favorite memories with your mom and put them all in the jar. Your mom can open them all over time and reminisce.

Digital Picture Frame

Scanning and digitizing your mom’s photos can be a great gift idea! Especially if she has tons of photos in various rooms, albums, and boxes. Once they’re digitized, you can add them to a rotating digital picture frame where they can stay on display, and so Mom can always see them!

Adult Coloring Book

If your mom likes to be creative, a large-print adult coloring book will make a great gift! Did you know that individuals ages 65+ who regularly engage in creative activities have been found to be in better overall health than those who don’t? Mom will love it, and so will her health!
Whether you give Mom one of our gift ideas this year or something else you thought of, we know she will love it because it came from you. Home Care Assistance wants to provide that same special value for you and your family. If we can provide you with any senior care services, please give us a call to schedule your consultation. Happy Mother’s Day!

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