Seniors and Caregivers: How to Prepare for a Medical Emergency

You can never be too prepared for a medical emergency. Especially if you are a senior, or if you are a caregiver taking care of a senior. Since seniors become increasingly at risk of an accident as they get older, it is crucial to not only be prepared for an accident but to be proactive with prevention as well. You can save a senior’s life by having an emergency plan ready. Read through our advice below and be prepared for an emergency situation.
Preparation and Prevention
Preparation and prevention are your main two components you should begin with when it comes to being emergency-ready. Focusing on preventions means that you will be more strategic about how you go through your day-to-day tasks with your senior. Preparation means you will be ready to act in a time of crisis.
Learn Different Ways to Save a Life
As a part of your senior caregiver duties, you need to know several lifesaving techniques to perform during an emergency. Once you know them, practice them regularly so you are confident in your abilities. These techniques include the Heimlich maneuver, CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and the like.
Make a Plan to Act On
Part of your emergency preparation is being prepared for any kind of crisis, at any time, including natural disasters and the possibility of evacuation. Having a plan for this involves preparing a to-go bag filled with necessary items – medication, food, water, etc. – knowing an evacuation route, and being able to carry out a written emergency plan. You will want to write down emergency contacts and several routes to safety.
Always Keep Your Cool
You should try your best to keep your cool during an emergency. Your reaction can set the tone of what follows and how others involved will react. Start by taking control of your emotions, giving firm directions, and taking deep breaths when you need to focus.
If you would like further guidance on how you can prepare for a medical emergency, please reach out to our friendly caregivers here at Home Care Assistance of Dayton. We are here to help you schedule your consultation and create a custom plan.

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