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Recognizing the Signs of Senior Alcohol Abuse

Senior alcoholism is a serious problem that can have dangerous consequences if left unaddressed. In addition to the general problems it can cause, alcoholism can interfere with any medications your loved one takes or even cause them to frequently fall resulting in broken bones. It is important to recognize the signs of senior alcoholism so that you can ensure your elderly loved one gets the help he or she needs. Fortunately, home caregivers in Dayton can explain what signs to watch out for.

Memory Problems

If your senior loved one doesn’t receive dementia care in Dayton, OH, and hasn’t been diagnosed with a cognitive disorder, forgetting major events can be a sign of alcoholism. Many seniors may forget a few names or dates, but it is not normal for them to forget an entire day’s worth of events. Their memory loss may be due to being blackout drunk.

Irritability or Depression

When alcoholics are not drinking, they may not be as cheerful or sociable as they are with a few drinks. If a senior is trying to remain sober while visiting with friends or family, they can seem impatient, agitated, or depressed. In extreme cases, alcoholic seniors might become jittery and restless when they do not have a beverage to calm their nerves.

Increase in Trash or Recycling

Though many people hide alcoholic behavior, it is difficult to hide the containers of liquor, beer, and wine. If you notice that your senior loved one suddenly has a lot of clinking glass bottles and metal drinking cans in their trashcan or recycling bin, it could be a sign of alcoholism.

Changes in Sleep Patterns and Appetite

Alcohol abuse may affect your loved one’s normal daily habits. If your loved one can’t sleep without a nightcap or seems to sleep irregularly throughout the day, it could indicate a drinking problem. Likewise, binge eating at odd times may be a sign of drunkenness. These behaviors can be a sign of alcoholism if there is no medical reason for them.
Alcoholism is a serious problem that may interfere with your loved one’s health and wellbeing. If you notice any of the above signs, it’s important to speak with your loved one to identify the root of his or her drinking problem. Be sure to also reach out to Home Care Assistance of Dayton to help your loved one manage his or her problem in the comfort of home. Our dedicated caregivers offer emotional support to seniors who will benefit from companionship and personal care assistance needed to enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle. Help is only a phone call away. Contact a compassionate Care Manager today at [hca_phone] to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

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