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Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

Don’t worry if your gym membership is still on hold while the pandemic continues. There are plenty of alternative ways for seniors to get in a great workout right from their very own home! Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite simple at-home exercises for seniors.
Stretch It Out
Ideally, you will stretch before and after your workout. But either way, stretching is important! It prepares your muscles for the impact of your exercise and makes them more limber. You can even consider yoga for some more serious stretching that helps to improve your coordination, strength, and balance.
Lifting Light Weights
Want to tone up your arm muscles? You’re going to need a pair of 2-3 pound dumbbells (or any object of this same weight you have around your home). Light weights are great for arm workouts when you use them with high repetitions!
Cardio and Aerobics
The fun thing about cardio and aerobic workouts is that you can do more than just walking or running. Make it entertaining and change things up with exercises like dancing or jumping rope! These are all excellent ways to build up your stamina and endurance over time and helping your heart rate climb.
Calisthenics and Props
Exercise can often be as simple as using your own bodyweight – no props or objects! This is known as calisthenics, and squats and push-ups are great examples Still, sometimes props are needed if you like having some assistance or extra support. Chairs are a big help for squats. Stand in front of the chair, bend your knees, and lower yourself onto it. Then stand back up. Repeat the motion. For push-ups, find any open section of a wall! Stand a few feet away and place your hands flat on the wall. Lower yourself towards the wall, and then push away from it again to complete the movement.
If you’re still in search of fun and simple ways to work up a sweat right from your own home, Home Care Assistance of Dayton is ready to help! We are here for all of your senior care needs. Give us a call today to speak with our experts and to schedule your consultation.

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