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Benefits of Consuming Spearmint

Mentha spicata, more commonly known as spearmint, is often used as an ingredient in a number of cosmetic, food, mouthwash and toothpaste products. The mint plant has also been a part of home remedies for centuries. Three ounces of fresh spearmint contain 458 milligrams of potassium, 12 milligrams of iron and 13 milligrams of vitamin C along with a variety of chemical compounds that act as antioxidants. Spearmint is easily incorporated into daily diets and offers many health benefits for seniors and their Dayton in-home caregivers.

Culinary Suggestions

Chopped or freshly ground leaves might be added to salads and even some soups. Make mint sauce for lamb or other foods by mixing the leaves with yogurt, cumin and a dash of salt. Use spearmint to flavor ice cream, jelly, cakes or cupcakes. Spearmint tea is another easy way to gain the following health benefits. Here is an easy recipe for Dayton, OH, in-home care professionals to follow:

Mint Tea

2 pints of water
1 handful of fresh spearmint leaves

Combine the water and fresh spearmint leaves. Bring the solution to a boil. Allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Cool and serve with or without a dash of honey. The longer the leaves steep, the stronger the flavor. Two to three cups of spearmint tea daily are recommended to achieve the following health benefits. 

Health Benefits

  • Indigestion – A cup of spearmint tea following a meal or before retiring at night helps relieve the bloating, constipation, gas and muscle spasms associated with normal indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome or other gastric problems. 

  • Respiratory issues – The warmth of the tea combined with the menthol in spearmint alleviates upper respiratory congestion. Spearmint also possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help the body’s immune system combat cold and flu. The chemical compounds are known to thin mucus and soothe sore throat tissues that cause dry coughs. 

  • Oral hygiene – The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of spearmint also aid in keeping the mouth healthy. Chewing fresh leaves or using a spearmint-based mouthwash eliminates bad breath and harmful bacteria that attack teeth enamel and gums.

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