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Effective Communication Tools for Post-Stroke Seniors

The amount and type of disablity caused by a stroke depends on where the incident occurs within the brain. Strokes can affect physical mobility, visual acuity, and even verbal ability. Dayton hourly care providers understand the frustration of knowing what you want to say but not being able to sound out the right words. In an effort to assist post-stroke seniors with aphasia, here are some effective communication tools your loved one can use.

Communication Boards

These boards are made up of a series of carefully selected images and words. Seniors need only point to a picture or chosen words in order to convey needs, desires, or expressions. Some are created in conventional board form, others are put together in books or notebooks. A collection of communication cards featuring images, words, or letters also help improve fine motor skills as seniors select, pick up, and position each card to convey a particular message.

Boogie Boards

Boogie boards are ideal communication tools for post-stroke seniors who have retained the ability to connect thought with the written word but are still unable to speak. The affordable, lightweight, and portable boards feature a plastic LCD display. Seniors need only use a stylus or similar instrument to write or draw the desired communication on the board. Clearing the screen for the next message is as easy as pushing a battery-operated button.

Smartphone Apps

A variety of smartphone, tablet, and iPad apps provide users with the ability to type words or sentences that may then be visualized by others or spoken by the device. The devices also provide post-stroke seniors with Internet access in order to keep up with current events and maintain communication with loved ones. This is also helpful for Dayton in-home care providers who help seniors recuperate from strokes, as these apps are inexpensive and easily transported.

Voice Control

Voice recognition software enables seniors with limited physical ability speak and operate computers using the spoken word. Post-stroke seniors may dictate written messages, log on to desired websites, minimize or maximize pages, and accomplish various other tasks.
Communication is an important aspect of providing quality home care for post-stroke seniors. In addition to these useful communication tools, Home Care Assistance of Dayton helps seniors recuperate and regain independence after a stroke. Our expertly trained caregivers help seniors with personal care, physical exercise, and cognitive stimulation to help post-stroke seniors recuperate in the comfort of home. In addition to our post-stroke services, we provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s home care in Dayton. Call us today at [hca_phone] to learn more about how we can help your loved one.

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