Technology is Transforming Home Care

Home care technology is continuously changing with improved and innovative devices created for people of all ages. Devices can detect the safety and security of people who live alone and are concerned about falling. In fact, a caregiver can be alerted to check in on Grandma when she’s not out of bed by her predetermined time. You may think of sensors used for home security, but now they are sensitive enough to determine whether a person is sitting, standing, or needs help after falling in his or her home. Monitors that are wearable around the clock can log blood glucose, blood pressure or sleep rhythm. Older people concerned with their failing memory can use aids to trigger reminders so they can continue with their independence longer. Elderly people can be connected with caregivers by voice, on a screen, or at the click of a button.
Advancing technology has enabled more seniors to remain in their own homes longer, aging in place. A great deal of money has been invested in technology for home care and has created speedy communication between patients or caregivers and emergency response teams, allowing better health outcomes for patients. This brings a considerable cost savings, too. Aging adults can stay at home and make appointments for video chats with the physician, assistant, or other healthcare provider.
Prevention of disease is the new focus with the new monitoring and diagnostics. Mobile apps are available for stress reduction and there are some to teach and motivate lifestyle changes. All of these can have a positive impact on health and wellness.
With so many advances, the misuse of medication can be addressed, too. People with impaired memory or mental illness, who in the past have had problems, can now take medications safely with facial-recognition devices and “smart pill bottles” which only allow the prescribed dose of mediation at the right time of day. Ingestible devices are even available that can actually determine whether a pill has already been taken.
Old and young alike are benefitting from apps and devices that offer monitoring of health data, walking, and other activities for both personal and medical use.
Your Home Care Assistance office can share info with you on the latest home care technology. Call Home Care Assistance today to talk about the best options available for your loved one.

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