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Benefits of 24-hour Home Care For Seniors

Knowing when the time is right for increased care for your elderly parent can be difficult. The decision is a very personal one to each family, and no one size fits all answer is out there.

Sometimes, we think that their illness is not as severe as we think, or that we can handle taking care of them on our own. Seniors living with chronic health conditions or physical and emotional limitations may require 24 hour home care, but the constant need to care for an aging parent can be hard on a family and can lead to the spouse or family caregiver becoming run down.

Maybe it’s time to consider 24-hour home care. Keep reading to learn about some benefits of 24 hour home care for seniors to consider.

Why Choose 24-Hour Home Care?

Seniors can live freely in their own homes while receiving round-the-clock assistance from caregivers with 24-hour home care. This entails round-the-clock support with household chores such as bathing, dressing, and even meal preparation. It also offers services such as medication reminders and grooming and exercise assistance. Seniors can now live freely in their own homes with the help of skilled caregivers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Seniors are beginning to reap the benefits of 24-hour home care as it becomes more widely available.

And families can sleep easy knowing that their loved one is being cared for when they can’t be there for them.

Benefits of 24 Hour Home Care

Benefits of 24 Home Care for Seniors Include:

More Freedom for Seniors

Being self-sufficient means being able to do things like gardening, cooking healthy meals, and keeping up with laundry without relying on friends or family for help. Seniors can maintain their independence by receiving 24-hour care. Our caregivers work to include seniors in as much of what they do as possible so that the seniors stays as active and engaged as possible as they age.

Convenience for Seniors

When it’s too late to arrange a doctor’s appointment or difficult to visit in the evening when family members aren’t working, seniors are frequently forced to go to the hospital or doctor’s office at inconvenient hours. This limits their access to doctors in terms of where and when they can see them. Seniors who receive 24-hour care get help when it is convenient for them.

Caregivers can take them to doctor’s appointments, out to lunch with friends, out on walks to maintain their stamina and health and help them cook delicious and nutritious meals at home.

Maintaining Mobility is Another Benefit of 24 Hour Home Care for Seniors

Seniors who live with 24-hour care can maintain their independence and mobility. Having a caregiver with them 24-hours a day means that they can go where they need to go, when they need to go. Caregivers can be on hand to help them get in and out of bed, up from chairs and out on walks or to the gym if they are healthy enough.

Maintaining mobility is so important for seniors, and having someone on hand to help, means they are less likely to fall and hurt themselves in the process.

Reduced agitation in seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s

People with dementia, in all its forms, often become disoriented to time and place, and people. This can cause significant agitation to them. A caregiver that can be with them regularly can be a reassuring and helping guide for someone with dementia. Typically, they will be trained in diversionary tactics like engaging in activities, knowing what triggers to watch for, and how to redirect their attention. Caregivers can be very helpful and improve quality of life for seniors living with dementia.

Our caregivers are also trained in the Balanced Care Method™ and Cognitive Therapeutics Method™. Both proprietary programs can help seniors living with dementia with their cognitive function and helping them find calm and purpose as they age.

Seniors Are Less Lonely When They Have A Caregiver

It is one of the benefits that we don’t always think about when it comes to 24-hour care, but it has a great impact. When a senior lives on their own, their days can get lonely and mundane. Having a caregiver means having a friend nearby who can listen, engage and help them.

Seniors who get 24-hour care typically find that, due to having a caregiver who can take them places when needed,  they are able to spend more time with their family and friends because they can easily get to activities like holiday gatherings or weekly dinners. When a caregiver is on hand, the rest of the family is able to relax and enjoy each other’s company rather than being stress or on alert to help.

These are just some of the benefits of 24 hour care.

When is it the right time for 24-hour care?

Watch for these signs that it may be time to change from hourly to 24 hour care for your older spouse, parent or friend:

  • Frequent falls or compromised balance. This can be the result of dementia, a neurological problem, or following and accident.
  • Confusing daytime and nighttime, frequently awake in the middle of the night, or agitated in the dark
  • Recent hospitalization or stay in a rehabilitation facility after a hip fracture, stroke or heart attack
  • Confusion from dehydration
  • Eating or drinking has become difficult without assistance
  • They wander from home, by foot or vehicle, and get lost or confused
  • They become confused or frightened by short absences of family, friends or caregivers
  • New or increased bathroom accidents
  • They often leave the stove on unattended
  • You are afraid to leave them at night or are not getting regular sleep because you are tending to their nighttime needs

Seniors experiencing these things may find 24-hour home care to be a beneficial choice. They’ll have a little more time to do things they enjoy, such as being active, reading, or even shopping. The additional time is beneficial since it allows seniors to rest and regain their health and vitality more quickly. The added interaction from a caregiver can also make them feel less alone at home. Contact Home Care Assistance of Dayton today to schedule a consultation if you or a senior loved one requires 24 hour home care.

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