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Top Ways To Calm Someone Down with Dementia

If you are preparing to care for or visit with someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, one of the most important things to get ready for is any event where they become upset. In this situation, you will need to know the best ways to help them calm down. Once they’re calm, then you can begin to figure out why they are upset and work on finding a solution to their problem. Some methods are better than others to help a senior with dementia calm down, so we’re sharing our top 4 tips with you below.
Mirror Their Emotions.
The first method is to mirror the senior’s emotions. This can help you use their body’s natural responses to learn how they’re feeling and possibly determine what’s wrong. Try your best to match their distress in order to show them that you understand their feelings and sympathize with them.
Take Deep Breaths.
If you’re mirroring a senior’s emotions, they can begin to mirror you back. In this situation, you should begin to take exaggerated, deep breaths that really emphasize each exhale. If the senior begins taking deep breaths of their own, their ribcages relax a little and let them receive more oxygen.
Take Their Hand.
You can encourage calmness and de-escalation by making one very simple and comforting gesture: Offer the senior your hands to take. The hand-over-hand method should be done in a very natural manner, and in a way that is reassuring for the senior.
Use Heartbeat Rhythm.
Now that you have the senior’s hands in your own, you can integrate what’s known as the heartbeat technique. Go ahead and begin to gently pump their senior’s hands, being sure you are not causing them any pain, in the rhythm of a heartbeat. This rhythm is an easy and relaxing gesture.
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