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Holiday Traditions to Enjoy with Your Elderly Loved One

Traditions can be an important part of any family holiday season. They remind us of our childhood or help us make new, positive memories with the ones we love. The benefits of traditions and the happiness they bring are vital to the emotional health and mental wellbeing of senior loved ones. Dayton in-home caregivers can recommend some great traditions to begin with a senior loved one this Christmas season. 

Look at Christmas Lights in Your Area 

Take your loved one on a drive through neighborhoods that have elaborate Christmas lights setup at several of the houses each year during the lead-up to Christmas. Your senior loved one will enjoy taking in pretty sights and festive views of twinkling lights. For many, the appreciation of things like nice holiday displays increase with age as we realize the value of the simple pleasures in life. Many seniors are unable to decorate their homes with Christmas lights as they may have done in their younger years, so viewing Christmas decorations with the family can rekindle the holiday spirit for your loved one. 

Make Traditional Christmas Decorations 

Many seniors enjoy making an old tradition new again if they haven’t had the chance to participate in the tradition recently or share it with family. Renewing an old tradition can also be excellent for senior loved ones to share with the younger family members. One such tradition is creating homemade Christmas decorations. Pop popcorn and make strands of popcorn and cranberries to decorate the Christmas tree with. Just make sure the younger participants have someone to help them with the needle and thread. Other options include making pinecone and greenery decorations or wreaths to put on the door and mantelpiece. 

Help Others Who Are Less Fortunate

Senior loved ones often develop a stronger sense of empathy for those who spend holidays in a nursing home or far away from family, especially as they realize how fortunate they are to be surrounded by their own. Seniors may enjoy participating in a tradition which can help others who may be feeling lonely this Christmas. Choosing a day each year to do nice holiday things for others can be a lovely tradition for your entire family. Some suggestions might be baking holiday goodies to bring to nursing homes, crocheting or knitting homemade gloves and hats, or even going caroling. 

Make Christmas Crafts

You might be surprised to find out that kids aren’t the only ones who find Christmas crafts to be a great way to spend an afternoon. Seniors may benefit from both the social nature of making Christmas crafts as well as the chance to express creativity. Make sure your list of crafts is suitable for your senior loved one’s physical and mental capabilities to avoid frustration. After making the crafts, display some in your senior loved one’s home to help him or her remember the new tradition and the memories from craft day.
Help your senior loved one fully embrace the spirit of the season while exercising his or her social and mental skills. Reach out to Dayton Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of quality live-in and hourly home care for seniors. Our highly trained caregivers can help your senior loved one make the most of the holiday season by assisting with housekeeping duties and monitoring your family member’s safety in the comfort and security of home. For more information on how we can help your loved one, call us today at [hca_phone]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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