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Transportation Alternatives for Seniors in Dayton, OH

Changing the way we get around is an unstoppable event that we must deal with at some point during the aging process. Easy tasks like running errands, going grocery shopping, or grabbing the mail at the end of the driveway may become more challenging in our senior years. However, these challenges do not mean that we should have to struggle as senior citizens. As an alternative, it’s important to know about different transportation options available to seniors.
First, let’s learn about why some seniors may want to consider alternative transportation options.
Decreased Mobility – A lack of mobility can be cause for seniors to seek an alternative method of transportation other than driving themselves, whether it is caused by injury, illness, or old age.
Deteriorating Eyesight – Seniors suffering from impaired or complete loss of vision should always seek a transportation alternative, given that their driving ability will be greatly impeded.
Chronic Illnesses – If your senior is suffering from a debilitating disease, such as heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease, then they likely will need to seek at a new method of transportation.

Short Distances

Due to some of the reasons aforementioned, your loved one in senior care may not feel comfortable driving themselves or navigating public transportation anymore. Rather than having to rely on solely those two modes of communication, arrange for a caregiver or willing family member to help transport your senior short distances to accomplish basic tasks, like getting to a doctor’s appointment or picking up a medication.
If your senior is immobile or they would prefer to stay in their home, an alternative is just to handle taking care of the task yourself if their presence is not required.

Long Distances

It can be a challenge to help your senior travel a long distance if necessary, but it is possible! Even if you do not have a caregiver or a family member to travel with them, there are options available for you to make arrangements. We suggest joining a transportation network that is specific for seniors. Such networks are most often developed to serve a particular region or city and will help your senior to find the necessary transportation to travel long distances.
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