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Youth in a Capsule: How this Revolutionary Drug Keeps You Young

Elysium Health is a new company that recently released a new dietary supplement called Basis. This revolutionary anti-aging drug is designed to counteract signs of aging, thereby boosting energy levels and enabling seniors and their Dayton at-home caregivers to enjoy both longevity and vitality.

Who Developed Basis?

Dr. Lenny Guarante is a seasoned researcher from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has worked with other leading universities. He is currently working with co-founders Eric Marcotelli and Daniel Alminana on the pill. Guarante is being advised by five Nobel Prize winners along with 20 other top researchers to further study this anti-aging supplement. Their combined efforts developed Elysium Health’s first product, a breakthrough pill called Basis.

What Is Basis?

Basis is a soft gel tablet that costs $60 for a one-month supply or $50 with a subscription. Users take two capsules a day to experience optimal benefits from the product. It is completely natural, meaning Elysium Health did not have to go through the arduous FDA approval process before putting it on the market. The new supplement claims to counteract the effects of aging.

How Did they Test Basis?

Dr. Guarante has pioneered research in his lab at MIT on sirtuins, which are enzymes that promote speedy metabolism function and the production of energy. These enzymes exist in all living organisms. Dr. Guarante has shown that by increasing the activity of sirtuins, the lifespans of mice and other living creatures can be extended.

How Does Basis Work?

Sirtuins produce a molecule called NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Older people have significantly lower levels of NAD, which is why seniors often lack energy and develop illnesses. Basis helps the body produce NAD, which in turn promotes essential body functions such as repairing DNA and producing more energy. These functions provide benefits that improve overall health and counteract signs of aging.
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