Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts for Your Elderly Parent

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This season of love, help your senior loved one craft beautiful gifts to help spread the love, boost his or her mental health, and have some fun along the way. Here are a few holiday-themed craft options, provided by the experienced Dayton senior home care professionals at Home Care Assistance.

Valentine’s Day Flower Wreath

Welcome everyone to the home with a bright floral wreath hanging on the door. Start by cutting red and pink tissue paper into 8-inch by 5-inch squares. Lay 5 or 6 thicknesses together with the lighter colors on top. Next, have your loved one accordion fold the tissue about ½ an inch wide. Fold them in half, wrap a piece of florist wire around each pile, then unfold them gently to form a flower. Use the remaining florist wire to attach them to a Styrofoam wreath. Repeat until the wreath is full. Finally, hot glue conversation hearts to the middle of each flower.

Valentine’s Wall Hanging

Create a beautiful wall hanging for your aging loved one’s wall or to give as a gift. Start with an artist canvas board. Paint broad vertical stripes across the board with black and white paint and allow to dry. Next, cut a red heart out of felt and attach it to the middle of the board with hot glue. Finally, attach a variety of red and white buttons to the top of the heart with hot glue. Allow the project to dry completely. A special message can be added to the bottom of the board with a paint pen if desired.

Mason Jar Valentine Candles

It is so easy to make a Mason jar Valentine candle that your loved one may want to make one to keep and one to give away. Start by covering the middle of one side of the jar with painter’s tape, then draw a heart on the tape with a permanent marker. Carefully, use a sharp knife to cut away a heart shape. Remove any tape that is not part of the heart. Next, spray the jar with chalkboard paint and allow to dry completely. Write a special message on the chalkboard, then remove the tape and insert a candle inside the jar. If desired, a ribbon can be tied around the top.

While you engage with your loved one, it’s helpful to have a professional caregiver around to assist with everyday tasks. This is where Home Care Assistance comes in. We offer live-in and part-time care in Dayton, and our caregivers can shop for groceries, offer medication reminders, and help your senior loved one dress up for Valentine’s Day. To learn more about our tailored caregiver service plans for seniors in Dayton, call one of our professional Care Managers today at [hca_phone]. 

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