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What Home Care Clients Should Ask their Doctors

Have an upcoming routine checkup with your doctor? We know it’s not necessarily your favorite thing to do, but we can assure you it’s good for you! And if you’re enrolled in home care services, maintaining your health should be a top priority to keep you feeling healthy and well.
Ask these 5 key questions during your next doctor appointment! Be sure to take notes and jot down how your doctor responds.

What screening tests do I need?

We’re not just talking about testing your blood pressure and cholesterol, which your doctor will check anyways. Ask them if it would benefit you to have other screen tests performed, like mammograms (for both men and women), and prostate exams for men.

What should I be eating – or not eating?

As you age, nutrition is of great importance! Especially if you have concerns about your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, or weight. Ask your doctor about any changes they may suggest in your diet to help control these issues.

How’s my weight?

Worried about your weight? Weight can affect your health and even put you at risk for disease. Your doctor can suggest the best ways for you to shed a few pounds and start feeling healthy again!

What should I do before my next visit?

Instead of dreading your next checkup, think of it as a milestone! You and your doctor can come up with a plan for you to accomplish your goals before your next visit – whether that’s losing some weight, lowering your cholesterol, or exercising more!

When do I need to see a doctor again?

This is up to you and your doctor. There is no rule that says checkups must be done only once a year! Ask your doctor when they think coming back is best for YOU.
Home Care Assistance wants to help you stay healthy, too. If you’re considering home care service options for you or a family member, call us today to schedule a consultation!

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