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Best Yoga Poses for Elderly

According to Dayton home care professionals, maintaining strength, flexibility, and muscle tone becomes increasingly important as we get older to prevent age-related injuries like falls and fractures. Regardless of your elderly loved one’s fitness level, there are a few simple yoga poses you can share with him or her that can help improve his or her overall health and wellness.

Warrior II

This pose involves holding your arms out straight to the sides and standing with one leg bent at the knee and the other leg straight. The Warrior II pose makes your quadriceps stronger and your hips more flexible, which can help reduce hip pain and stiffness.

Mountain Pose

For this pose, all you have to do is stand perfectly straight with your feet together and your arms down at your sides. The Mountain pose is a basic standing pose that can help improve your posture and sense of balance.

Chair Pose

This pose involves standing with your feet together and your knees bent while raising your arms straight up over your head. The Chair pose helps improve muscle tone in your legs, which makes them stronger and reduces your risk of falling.

Tree Pose

For this pose, stand up straight, then lift one foot up and rest it on your calf. Raise your arms over your head and hold your palms together. The Tree pose helps you work on your balance and makes you more stable.

Lunge Pose

This pose involves putting your hands on your hips, bending one leg until the knee is at a 90-degree angle and keeping the other leg stretched out straight behind you. The Lunge pose makes your legs stronger and gives your hips a good workout for improved flexibility.

Cat Pose

To do this pose, get on your hands and knees if possible and arch your back while putting your head down. The Cat pose helps increase the flexibility of your spine.


To do this pose, lie flat on your back with your arms out straight and your palms facing up. Keep your feet slightly apart, close your eyes and relax your body. Use the Shavasana pose to cool down after a yoga workout or as a calming technique when you’re feeling stressed.
If your senior loved one maintains a healthy diet and exercise but you’ve noticed him or her having trouble with other basic daily tasks, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Dayton. We provide live-in and hourly care in Dayton, OH, ideal for seniors who require minimal assistance throughout the week with tasks like grocery shopping, meal preparation, or transportation to doctor’s appointments. For more information, give us a call at [hca_phone] and speak with a friendly Care Manager.

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